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so leetle but stuff is happenin’



i got a mean meal prep goin

i need to do this again


men’s back muscles let you know that god is real

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I’ve had 1+ gallons of water, 6 planned meals and I just ate about 3/4 a pint of vanilla halo top ice cream with a handful of gluten free chocolate covered pretzels and some M&m’s and I feel great! 

Woke up this morning and I knew it was going to be a rough day because I was in my “food tastes so good I just want to eat everything” aka I knew I would fighting the urge to binge. Something I’ve learned over the years is if I deprive myself, it will lead to a binge. So I had some ice cream and some candy! I may have sprayed the rest of the candy with windex to ensure I don’t eat it lol. But I am beyond happy that I was able to just let myself enjoy what I wanted without calling it a treat/cheat meal and without binging! 

Yay for balance, recovery, moderation and food ☺️❤️