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Anonymous said: I love how you are still so young but yet can give people advice and reassurance if only half young men and women were to be like you :).

This was uber sweet! Thank you ❤️

Anonymous said: I binge until I literally feel sick. My stomach looks 10x it's normal size afterwards. Then I try to throw up but for some reason I can't. I go to bed feeling sick and disgusted and wake up and repeat the same vicious cycle each night. Ugh :(

Please see a professional. Xo

Anonymous said: How do you bring dinning hall food back to your room? Mine doesn't have to go plates or anything

Mine does, they have paper plates ! and brown lunch bags.

Anonymous said: That is NOT a binge. A binge would be eating an entire family size bag of m&m's. You're fine

No. A binge is being in a zombie state, kind of like an out of body experience. It is not always about how much, it’s about your mental state.

Anonymous said: I just did had a mini binge on m&ms and chocolate - not even that bad, literally just a handful of m's and one friggin row from a chocolate bar. The rest of the day i've eaten ok. I'm just in that 'i wanna devour everything in my kitchen' moods and idk if i should just let it be and binge my heart away, or resist :(

First, move on from how you feel about eating that! Go on a walk outside, breathe some fresh air, go look at something beautiful, go to a play ground and swing on the swing set. Something that makes you feel alive. Get your mind off of food for just a few minutes and think about how beautiful and amazing life is! ❤️ even when dealing with binging, it’s important to remember there is life outside of food. Stay strong my love ❤️


So proud of myself for challenging my negative thoughts and having a bagel this morning! That’s a huge accomplishment for me! I have the day off work so I’m going to enjoy my bagel and coffee then head to the gym 💪

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Another taco inspired dinner tonight! This time as a huuuge taco salad. spinach and romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, jalapeño, red onion, corn, tomato, bell pepper, black beans, avocado, lime & lemon juice, then after the pic I added some plain greek yogurt, salsa, and a little mexican flavored cheese!
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Anonymous said: How does someone get a meal plan from you? And what does it cost?

I do training plans which includes a meal plan! I have my 12 weeks program which is only $15USD and it includes a 6 workout split (changes every 4 weeks and gets progressively harder), cardio times, formula to calculate your calories and macros for each phase and a grocery list. This is a fat loss plan! And then I have customized monthly training and it includes a 6 workout split, meal plan, grocery list, HIIT cardio sessions, weekly check-ins and 24/7 access via email!

Anonymous said: I feel like such a lost cause. I cannot gain control. It's just one binge after another, day after day. How did I get here? Why do I continue to abuse my body so badly? I hate what I have done to my body. I hate what I have put into my body. I hate that I have no control. I don't know how to stop.

I am in the same place. I know how hard it is. How draining it is mentally and physically and how much it consumes your every thought and action. But you have to fight! Life is not made to be lived in a hell that our own minds create. You CAN and you WILL overcome this. You have to keep telling yourself that. Xo

Anonymous said: 2) that lean no more I feel. And I struggle to look at my tummy. Today is a rest day, but I feel the urge to workout and idk what to do. Should I eat less? Or less pb? I just feel horrid now..

You have to love yourself regardless of what you look that. That is my biggest piece of advice to you. Don’t feel like you have to eat less because you aren’t working out. Listen to your body. Food is fuel not a reward. Everyone has bad body image days, but going back to the first thing I said.. If you love yourself, nothing else will matter.

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Anonymous said: What's the meaning behind your "Choose;" tattoo?

Check my recovery tag or my IG! xo

Anonymous said: where did you get your plain black baseball cap that you wear to the gym? I've been looking for one.